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Attendance Allowance Application Form

Application form for Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance Factsheet

This factsheet covers Attendance Allowance, a tax-free and non-means tested benefit paid to people who are 65 years old or over with attention or supervision needs.
Source: Age UK

Benefits for Older People (Guide)

A guide to benefits for older people
Source: Advice Guide

Benefits for People Under State Pension Age Factsheet

Source: Age UK

Carer's Allowance Claim Form

Carer's Allowance Claim form
Source: Gov.UK

Carers Allowance Factsheet

This factsheet covers Carer’s Allowance, a benefit paid to people who care for someone receiving Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance care component (at the highest or middle rate), PIP daily living component (either rate), Armed Forces Independence Payment or Constant Attendance Allowance.
Source: Age UK

Challenging Welfare Benefits Decisions (Factsheet)

Source: Age UK

Claiming Benefits - A Guide for People of Working Age

Source: Age UK

Community Care Assessment Factsheet

Provides useful information on arranging and undergoing a community care assessment. Designed for people with dementia but also useful for anyone who might need more support.
Source: Alzheimer's Society

Employment and Support Allowance Claim Form

Source: DWP
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