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Charity Search

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Charity Search offers a free service to people in need, aged 50 and above, by putting them in contact with fund giving charities that may wish to help them. The person in need, or their support worker can then apply.

In order for us to find the most appropriate charities for your need we will ask you to complete a questionnaire. These forms are available from our website, or you can contact us directly.

Charity Search is a FREE service, available to all United Kingdom Citizens, who meet our charity criteria.

Postal Address:
Charity Search,
25 Portview Road,
BS11 9LD

0117 982 4060
Opening times:
Opening hours for telephone calls: 9am to 2.30pm Mon-Fri (Answering machine all other times)
Who is it for:
United Kingdom Citizens aged 50 and above
How to apply:
Contact by letter, telephone or e-mail.

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