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Age UK London Business Directory

Age UK London Business Directory logo

Our aim is simple… To protect you from ‘rogue traders’ by connecting you with local traders and businesses you can trust.

Our members are all vetted by Age UK London staff and are signed up to our customer charter.

The Age UK London Business Directory is making its way across London and is currently available in Lambeth and Southwark among other places!
Please visit and carry out a search by entering your FULL POSTCODE. Alternatively you can call the team free on 0800 334 5056, where a dedicated member of staff will search the website on your behalf.

0800 334 5056

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Subject Definitions

Age UK has a vision of a world in which older people flourish. We aim to improve later life for everyone through our information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research.
Advice for people with housing enquiries.For example,if they are moving property,are waiting to be allocated a local authority property or feel that they are living in sub-standard accomodation.