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Campaign to End Loneliness

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We aim to reduce loneliness in older age by creating the right policy and funding conditions for groups and individuals working to address the issue. We work with a wide range of organisations to seek the following change:

1.  Higher quality, and more effective, services and activities

2. Better use of existing support, especially by the most lonely

3. More commissioning and/or development of services and activities targeting loneliness

If you would like to learn more about our work and get involved with the Campaign, become a supporter.

To connect with like-minded organisations, learn from the latest research, and share your own examples of good practice around loneliness, join our Learning Network.

If you are from a local authority or are a healthcare professional, view our practical resources about what can be done in your locality to tackle loneliness.

If you are feeling lonely, more information about available support can be found here.


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