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Brixton People's Kitchen

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Brixton People's Kitchen collect food surplus from local shops and bring people together to cook a feast to share with their neighbours.

As part of this there are various meals together around Brixton, including every second Sunday of the month at Myatt's Fields Park. Call or check the website to find out when the next one will be.


"Eating together is one of the most natural things people can do"

We collect food that would otherwise be thrown away from local shops, markets and businesses. We then invite people to cook together in a local kitchen, or on our bicycle kitchen - whether you just want to chop onions or are up for taking charge of a dish, you’re in. After that, we welcome everyone to enjoy a meal on a donations basis.


- Get people together. It might be a cliché, but we believe food gets people talking. Our events are completely collaborative, and we have made new friends at each single one.

- Share skills and learn new ones. Another cliché: we love South London because of the diversity of its people…and its diversity of culinary skills. We want to build on the expertise within our communities, swapping ideas and knowledge at our events. Our events include recipe swaps and cooking demonstrations from members of the community.

- Reducing food waste. With its markets and numerous restaurants, Brixton is a food hub. It is estimated that 36% of Brixton’s waste is food. However, food waste from retailers only account for a small portion of the total amount of food we waste

– the majority actually comes from households. We want to avoid moralising and instead inspire people through hands-on cooking sessions that encourage people to think about creative ways around food waste reduction.

To find out more contact:

The Be Enriched Team 07934346917

(For Myatt Fields Park meals) Park Depot Kitchen, Cormont Road, Camberwell, SE5 9LP
Opening times:
Second and fourth Saturday of the month.
A small donation of whatever you can afford.