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Council Tax Advisors CIC - (CTAS)

Council Tax Advisors CIC - (CTAS) logo

Council Tax Advisors offers a FREE specialist service for all those in arrears or who simply cannot afford to pay their Council Tax.

They deal predominately with cases that involve use of Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) and/or individuals/households classified as vulnerable.

The Council Tax Advisors Promise:

"We promise to help you as best we can with your Council Tax debt or dispute. We will go out of our way to stop council tax bailiffs from making your life a misery. It only takes 15 minutes to find out how CTA can help you. A quick call and we promise to get you the advice you need, fast!"

You can call, e-mail or write to them - details above.


Council Tax Advisors CIC, 9 Highnam Business Centre, Highnam , Gloucestershire, GL2 8DN
Area serviced:
01225 667 667
01225 667 930
Free, including representation

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