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Crown Dale Medical Centre

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Crown Dale Medical Centre is a vibrant, modern general practice caring for patients in the South London boroughs of Lambeth and Croydon.  Our nine doctors, three practice nurses, numerous other health professionals, IT, administration and reception staff aim to provide excellent health care when you're feeling unwell along with help and advice to stay healthy when you're feeling better.

Services include

- Baby Clinics

- Postnatal Checks

- Midwives

- Osteopath - Fiona Walsh
Fiona is available here on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. Referrals to see her are made through a GP and arranged by Anne.

- Sexual Health Clinic
The practice also runs a walk in Sexual Health Clinic on Wednesday evenings between 6.30-8.00pm and on Saturday mornings between 9.30-11.45am.

- Asthma
Run by specialist nurses.  For managing all aspects of this illness and advice on medicines, diet and lifestyle issues.

- Phlebotomy service  - from 1st Jan 2013 all prebooked
Pre-booked appointments with our phlebotomist are available on

Monday - 9.00am -.9.45am for fasting bloods only, then 10.00am - 12.00 noon for non fasting bloods

Wednesday  - 8.00am - 9.45am for fasting bloods only, then 10.00am - 12.00 noon for non fasting bloods

Alternate Fridays - 8.30am - 9.45am for fasting bloods only, then 10.00am - 12.00 noon for non fasting bloods

- Counselling
If your Doctor thinks that counselling is appropriate for you, they will refer you to a counsellor and ask you to read the Talking Therapies leaflet.  Your first appointment will be for 30 minutes, to ensure that this is the best treatment you can be offered.  Subsequent appointments will be for up to 50 minutes.

- Diabetes
There is a nurse-run diabetic clinic for all patients with diabetes at Crown Dale.  Patients should attend at least annually.  It is run by nurses who have specialist training in diabetes care.

- Flu Vaccination
A flu clinic is run from October to December.

- Minor Surgery
Following an initial assessment, removal of lumps, cysts etc. under local anesthetic.

- Smoking Cessation
Specially trained practice nurses provide support, advice and treatment for patients who want to stop smoking.

- Travel Advice and Immunisations
At Crown Dale we provide appointments with a practice nurse offering travel advice and immunisations for trips abroad.  We like to see patients, where possible, at least 6 weeks prior to traveling because most immunisations take at least 3 weeks to become effective.  Pressure on appointments is high and you may therefore, be unable to book an appointment immediately.

Crown Dale Medical Centre also has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) who meet bimonthly.

61 Crown Dale, London, SE19 3NY
020 8670 2414
020 8670 0277
Telephone interpreters may be available if you ask in advance, it may be easier to bring along a friend or family member who can interpret for you.
Disabled access:
196, 417, 432, 468