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Advocates Advisory Service

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Advocates Advisory Service is a non profit organisation empowering communities and families through providing quality information, legal advice, advocacy and support.

We provide advice in several areas of law, such as housing/homelessness, family law, education,debt, welfare rights, disability issues amidst other issues.

We offer a holistic service regardless of race, religion, disability or gender.  We provide casework to service users where appropriate.

We aim to empower all individuals within the community, by raising awareness of their statutory and human rights.

Members of our team offer in-depth knowledge developed over many years of providing such services to people in need. This has resulted in a unique and specialised insight into the significant issues facing vulnerable individuals and families, ensuring desired outcomes are achieved.

What we do
We offer targeted information, legal advice and support to individuals and families in need. We go the next step beyond advice to actively support and advocate empowering people without a voice to be heard and for their immediate needs to be met.
Society has a responsibility towards its entire population. There are specific issues experienced by BME communities which are not being addressed by exisiting social policies. We aim to provide a voice to influence social responses to these issues.


You can find more information on our activities on our Facebook page or Twitter.

How to apply:
Referrals accepted via e-mail.

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Subject Definitions

Advocacy services offer support to vulnerable older people, people with physical/learning disabilities and/or sensory impairments. These services will support people to: ¦Speak out for themselves ¦Make sure their rights are respected ¦Express what they want ¦Represent their interests ¦Help them get the services they need Their underpinning principles are to promote social inclusion, equality and social justice