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Age Action Alliance

Age Action Alliance logo

The Age Action Alliance was launched in 2011 in response to a growing recognition of the need to respond to an ageing society. In particular, to bring together older people and cross sector organisations to work together to celebrate the opportunities and address the challenges of our ageing demographics.

Our vision is to improve the quality of later life through partnership working between members and older people; creating communities where older people feel secure, valued and able to contribute to society.

The Age Action Alliance is a network which brings together organisations and older people, in partnership. Drawn from civil society and the public and private sectors, it takes a positive approach to ageing and seeks practical ways to improve services and support to older people.

Members bring their distinctive skills to work collaboratively, achieving more in partnership than they can as individual organisations or sectors. Our focus is on the most disadvantaged and preventing exclusion and deprivation in later life.

Working together, we aim to ensure that older people, today and tomorrow:

-Are visible, valued and heard
-Enjoy a good quality of life and wellbeing
-Can make informed choices about health and wellbeing
-Live in safe, warm, lifetime homes
-Have social networks and access to friends, family and community support
-Have opportunities to mix with and share skills with others
-Are able to access information and services they need
-Live in age friendly neighbourhoods, with their needs met.

Get Involved

It is free to join and as a Member, you will benefit from being part of a network of over 750 organisations, receive regular updates and bulletins and have the opportunity to get involved in taking practical action. For more information on how to join please click here.

For  further information and resources please visit the Age Action Alliance  website here or call, write or e-mail.

Age Action Alliance, c/o 1st Floor, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London , SW1H 9NA
Area serviced:
020 7449 7008