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CareNet is a mature, respected community-based charitable organisation providing culturally and linguistically appropriate social and mental health services for the borough's low-income disadvantaged populations, with an emphasis on East Africans, and other newly arrived immigrant groups.

The entire CareNet staff are bi-cultural and bilingual, representing more than 5 African languages and dialects. No other organization in Lambeth has the breadth, depth, or length of experience providing supportive services to newly arrived refugees from war-torn countries in East Africa although not exclusively.

Our services include education, outreach, advocacy, supportive services, substance abuse and mental health counselling and treatment, leadership development, and individual and community economic development. These community-based services are designed to support newcomers during the difficult, complex, and stressful processes of acculturation, build self sufficiency among immigrant populations, and socially and economically empower disenfranchised members of ethnic minority groups.

CareNet volunteers and staff are working in community centres, schools, and other locations accessible to our community. 

Older People's services include:

- Advice

- Filling in forms

- Help to register with a GP

- Help to get to hospital

- Help with other health concerns such as HIV

A volunteer specialising in support to older people is available on Wednesdays at the CareNet office, 211 Clapham Road.

Appointments can be arranged by phoning or via the online form here.

CareNet, 211 Clapham Road, London, SW9 OQH
Area serviced:
0207 274 8856
Opening times:
Monday to Friday from 10:00 till 17:00 hours
5 African languages and dialects.
88, P5