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Consort Road Almshouses

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Beeston’s almshouses at the south end of Consort Road consist of 17 one-bedroom properties. Residents are appointed by the Trustee of the charity from the list of applicants. While vacancies do not occur regularly the charity encourages people to apply. There is no restriction on age, residents are aged from late 40s to mid 90s.

A Charity Commission Scheme governs the charity.  "The residents shall be poor persons in the following categories" :

-Freemen of the City of London.

-Persons who are, or who have been, employed in trades akin to that of a girdler (including workers in metals, leather cloth and fabrics).

-Persons resident in the former administrative county of London as constituted on 31st March 1965.

The charity does not operate a waiting list, rather it has a list of applicants.  Applications, using the form on the website, should be forwarded to the Charities Manager by email, or posted to:

Almshouse Applications
The Girdlers’ Company
Girdlers’ Hall
Basinghall Avenue
London EC2V 5DD

Consort Road, Peckham, London, SE15 3SD
Umbrella org:
The Beeston’s, Andrewes’ and Palyns Trust
78, P12
Peckham Rye