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Bee Urban

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Bee Urban is a honeybee-centric social enterprise based in Kennington, South London, which aims to positively influence the urban environment through supporting local people and promoting positive, ecologically sound practice around urban greening, building, farming and particularly bee-keeping.

It’s not just about bees, people are equally important to Bee Urban. We are here to work with everyone, whatever your age, level of experience or need. We are particularly skilled in working with vulnerable adults, including those with mental health needs and learning difficulties.

You can read more about our projects, just click on the links below:

Our main site is the Bee Barn at the old Keeper’s Lodge in Kennington Park and we do a significant amount of work from Camberwell Subterranea. Both sites were derelict and abused before Bee Urban turned them into thriving community spaces, working with local volunteers to clear waste and old structures and replace them with environmentally friendly, horticulturally rich buildings and growing spaces – the process being as important as the finished product.

Apiaries are various sites where we manage bees and work to enhance the environment with community gardening and bio diverse planting. These are on housing estates, on community allotments and on rooftops in and around central London.

There are constructive volunteering opportunities at Bee Urban. If you would like to volunteer and pass on your skills, or develop new skills, then please get in touch.

Help Out

If you would like to get involved in volunteering with Bee Urban. There are many ways that you can support and help.

These are the times we meet;

Keeper’s Lodge: Every Thursday 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Camberwell  Subterranea: Click here for details of upcoming dates.

News and events are also updated on the Bee Urban Twitter page here.

Training Courses Include:

- Environment issues
- Life Skills
- Candle Making
- Jobs skills
- Gardening
- Beekeeping

Click here for details of upcoming training courses.

Please get in contact with us via the online contact form here or e-mail: / for more information.


Main Site (Please see website for other locations): The Bee Barn, Keeper’s Lodge, Kennington Park, Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4BE
To The Main Site (Bee Barn): 133, 155, 333, 415
To The Main Site (Bee Barn) : Oval

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