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Brandon Baptist Church, Camberwell

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We are an inner-city baptist church situated on Redcar Street, in Camberwell in South London.

We are members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, we support BMS World Mission, and have also recently become members of London Citizens.

Sunday Service:

Our main Sunday service is at 11:00am to 12:30pm, you would be very welcome to come and join us. 

Between 80 and 90 people attend the Sunday services every week. This is usually made up of a 45 minute “all age” session followed by 30-40 minutes of people in age appropriate groups. Those who are under 18 fit into three groups depending on their age, and the adults remain in the large hall where they look over the Bible together, and reflect upon its implications about how we live in our complex world.

Refreshments always follow, where you get a real sense of Brandon’s warmth, fellowship, and long-term commitment to community in out inner-city environment.

Week Days

There is not a heavy week day programme at Brandon, but the target is to be Christian in our every day lives. Many people at Brandon are involved in other community groups and charities which are both Christian and secular. There is a Tuesday prayer meeting at the church, along with neighbourhood groups, which aim to meet on a monthly basis in the homes of members of each group.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is an “interactive worship in a relaxed atmosphere”. The group meets the third Friday of every month from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Arrive when you like, stay as long as you like.

The Church also supports the Peckham food bank, run by Pecan, which provides emergency food to people in need.


Click here for details of upcoming services and events.

Special Events

Special events in Brandon are enjoyed by both regular attendees and new people. Some are annually such as the all age carol service, carols by candlelight, watching a pantomime in Catford, the church outing to the seaside, and many more social events throughout the year. Please click here for more information.

Our minister, Steve Calder, can be contacted on 020 7095 9154, and Denise Johnson the Church Secretary is available on 07932682723.  You can also contact us by e-mail at:

Brandon Baptist Church, Redcar Street, Camberwell, London, SE5 0NA
Steve Calder, Minister: 020 7095 9154 ; Denise Johnson, Church Secretary: 07932682723
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