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Digital Unite

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Digital Unite is committed to, and passionate about, supporting people to have good digital skills and to enjoy them.

Whether that’s individuals who want the knowledge and confidence to explore new technology or organisations that need staff to be more comfortable and creative with being digital, we can help.

Whether you’re an independent learner or a Digital Champion we have everything you need to improve your computer skills and boost your digital confidence.

Services include:


The Digital Unite website here has a huge range of free computer guides which cover hundreds of digital topics.


Our network of friendly tutors provide home-based tuition across the UK, click here to find one local to you.

Q & A Community:

The online Q & A Community here is a place where community members and experts can ask and answer questions on technology in general, using the internet or the ins and outs of computer programs.

Online courses for Digital Champions:

Click here for information about online courses for Digital Champions.

Housing Associations:

Digital Unite work extensively in social housing and have set up an e-learning network specifically to train and support Digital Champions in housing.  Click here for more details.

Spring Online:

We run learning and skills campaigns for harder to reach audiences, such as Spring Online, which promotes digital skills to older people through a national network of learning events every April. Click here for more information.

For further information, please visit the website here or contact Digital Unite by phone or e-mail.

0800 228 9272