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Blackfriars Settlement - Forget Me Not Club

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Are you forgetful sometimes? Do you miss your appointments or events? Does this worry you?

Join us for two hours every week on Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm - 4.00pm for a fun session to exercise our brain and feed our memory.

Let’s fill our diaries, do a crossword and a memory game, sing a song and share stories over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

For more details, please contact Tina on: 0207 928 9521 or e-mail:

1 Rushworth Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0RB
Contact name:
Tina Johnston
0207 928 9521
Opening times:
Tuesday afternoons 1:30pm - 4.00pm.
Disabled access:
1, 35, 40, 45, 63, 68, 168, 171, 172, 176, 188, 100, 133, 343, 344
Lambeth North, Waterloo, Southwark, Waterloo East

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Subject Definitions

For some people later in their life the cells in the brain that are related to mental ability become damaged, causing a gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember. When this happens it is referred to as dementia. Dementia is a non-specific illness syndrome (set of signs and symptoms) in which affected areas of cognition may be memory, attention, language, and problem solving.